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Tulsa Guardianship Attorney

Ensure Your Child or Loved One Is Cared For

Awarding guardianship grants someone the authority to make decisions on behalf of his or her ward. An individual can be a guardian to a minor child or to an incapacitated adult.

Guardianship comes into the estate planning process if you have minor children, if you look after a mentally or physically disabled adult, or if you want to be prepared in the event that you become incapacitated later in life.

At Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, Inc., we help our clients in Tulsa and throughout the country navigate complicated situations involving guardianship. We can help you establish a guardianship or grant someone else guardianship over your children in the event of your death.

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What Is a Guardianship?

If a person is a minor or is incapacitated in a way that prevents them from making decisions for themselves, they will need to be appointed a guardian if a parent is not present. Anyone who is appointed as a guardian must be of sound mind and able to make decisions in the interest of his or her ward.

A guardian may be responsible for:

  • Managing the ward’s assets and making financial decisions on their behalf
  • Acting in the best interests of the ward
  • Making surgical, medical, and psychiatric decisions

The process for appointing someone as a guardian may differ, depending on the circumstances. For example, if you are appointing a guardianship for your child, this may be much easier than appointing a guardian for an adult who cannot care for themselves.

Hire a Guardianship Attorney in Tulsa, OK

Guardianship applications are made in several different circumstances, although they are frequently expedited to protect the incapacitated individual (such as in the event of a medical emergency). Our goal at Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, Inc. is to help make a guardianship appointment to ensure the individual being protected feels safe, comfortable, and taken care of.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you need help with a guardianship application, let our Tulsa estate planning lawyer assist you. We can ensure you understand your legal rights and options in order to take advantage of the many tools available to you.

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